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Kicking the Empty Can Down The
Road Laced With Land Mines:
Predictions and Alignments for 2011"
A Seminar With Tom Jerome Roma
Saturday January 29, 2011 12 PM - 4 PM
SNOW DATE Sat February 5, 2011 12 PM - 4 PM 
At His Office in Suburban Philadelphia
For directions call 610 833 5253
FEE $60 at the door
Pre Registration Fee of $50 must be RECEIVED by
January 28, 2011

Unemployment benefits continue to be extended, the big investment banks remain too big to fail, and the public continuously avoids reality with rubbish like Jerry Springer and dangerous drugs like oxycontin and ecstasy (ecstasy indeed.) In 2011 empty cans continually being kicked down the road will be hitting land mines repeatedly. Come learn how positive substantive change now in an environment that clearly isn't all good can lead to new important and successful outcomes.


TOM JEROME ROMA holds professional degrees in Engineering and Music. His work has been published in leading scientific journals. He is known for his humor and his predictive accuracy. His demanding consulting practice serves an international clientele. Tom is the founder of the new Science of Applied Astronomy™. Tom teaches and lectures extensively both in the US and abroad, and also pursues a career as a pianist and composer. His website is www.tomjeromeroma.net   .  Contact him at 610-833-5253.

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